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Top Guide About The Cost For CDL Training

Cost for CDL Training

As you take the decision to attend trucking school, I think you are excited enough to feel that your life is going to be changed. Now it’s time to think about the Cost for CDL training involved in becoming a professional truck driver.

In this article I am going to tell you all about the cost of getting a truck driving certificate, from A to Z, just read carefully and follow me.

Cost For CDL Training

it seems to be different from traditional education programs, charging weekly or by semester is not accepted in most trucking schools.

You should pay the total cost once you enroll for a course.

On the other hand, tuition fees may widely different from a school to another even in the same area.

The cost for CDL training school may vary from about $3,000 to $7,000 for the entire course.

The cost for class A course is different from class B CDL license. 

The more time you spend in training to get your license, the much more money you should cost to spend.

Why the Cost of Truck Driving School is too High?

It seems to be a slight difference between  $3,000 and $7,000 to get a training license.

But when you get in touch to know more about the nature of training and the extra options offered with courses, you will be convinced.

To start your career as a professional truck driver with a diploma, Associate’s degree, or a certificate, you have to spend not less than six months at school.

Sometimes, you need to stay at school for about two years or more to get a certificate.

During each semester, you may spend thousands of dollars on tuition, this may add up more if you have to attend four or more semesters.

But if you are lucky and get your CDL in just a few weeks, you don’t have to spend more.

Funding Options For Getting Your CDL

Students are not obliged to pay the full Cost for CDL training school upfront, different financial aid options are found for you to choose one of them, also, trucking companies carrier may cover some or all of your training expenses,

A lot of schools offer grants and scholarships to truck driving students.

Also, Workforce assistance funding or G.I. bill funding is accepted in many states if you become unemployed.

Don’t hesitate to contact a CDL school near your area to know if this option is available.

Professional Truck Driving School Certification

Two of the national organizations represent the trucking industry, they represent the owners, the drivers, and the entire transportation industry.

They also provide certification for driver after passing training courses.

The Professional Truck Driver Institute

The (PTDI) institute was founded in 1986, its mission is to make safety as well as promoting high professional working standards in the industry.

Commercial Vehicle Training Association

The (CVTA) institute’s mission is to promote high standards in truck training programs, ensure safety in the industry, and to develop drivers’ skills.

Professional Truck Driving Schools and Tuition Costs

Here are some of the most famous training schools and their cost.

Great Lakes Truck Driving School: $10,000

HDS Truck Driving Institute: $7,900

Northern Industrial Training      : $18,000

Houston Community College Northeast Commercial Truck Driving Center: $3,375

Iowa Central Community College Transportation Technology Center: $6,300

National Tractor Trailer School: $10,200

Best 10 Ways To Pay The Cost of Truck Driving School

There are a lot of payment ways to choose from, read and pick up the proper one that you prefer.

1. Workforce Training Funding for CDL Schools

Many states run a workforce training system for truck drivers which is designed to assist unemployed people to get back to work again, it’s supervised by the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA),

The programs of WIOA agencies get financial funds from the federal government so as to train unemployed people or those who lost their jobs.

You will be lucky if you get approved for funding assistance, you can get a “voucher”, therefore some or all Cost for CDL training may be covered.

2. State and Local Grants for CDL Training

As WIOA funds a lot of employment and training programs, other states as well as local governments provide training program grants to help develop the workforce opportunities.

Training grants for CDL programs are most common as trucking represents a high demand occupation.

All of them are uncharged to the trainee, they don’t have to be paid back.

3. Scholarships for Trucking School

Scholarships are one of the types of CDL programs funding, an application is required to check whether applicants meet all the scholarship requirements or not.

Most of the scholarships are provided for low-income families, women, association members, veterans, also certain geographic areas.

4. Vocational Rehabilitation CDL Driver Programs

Workers are sometimes injured, they become unable to do their jobs again.

So trucking jobs can be a proper choice for them to get re-training opportunities, they can acquire new skills and become truck drivers.

5. Veteran’s Funding for a CDL License

Those who serve in the military, have the opportunity to qualify for the GI Bill, which provides them with some of the educational funding benefits.

So, a large number of military veterans use their GI Bill to join trucking schools.

6. Federal Student Loans for Trucking School

The federal government sometimes offer students to get loans used to pay for such CDL programs.

The period of training must be about 16 weeks long to be approved for the funding, so many can’t get this loan as there are no trucking schools that last for 16 weeks.

7. Truck Driving School Loans

Various non-federal loan options are found for trucking training funds including bank loans and other lenders.

As usual, it depends on your credit history to qualify for such loans, on the other hand, some schools offer loans with a third party lender.

8. Trucking Company Financial Aid

Many of the trucking companies began to offer different types of financial aids to help people get their CDL training program, including paying for lodging. 

Sponsoring your training course provided that you are committed to working for a year for them.

9. Non-Profit Foundations

Many of the non-profit organizations may offer a financial fund to cover your Cost for CDL training.

It is always funded by these non-profit organizations,  they offer their help for those who are in need.

Sometimes funds are connected with religious affiliations or other community aid groups.

10. Cash Payment

One of the choices you may find easier to take is to pay in cash.

As you know you have to find a way to pay for your CDL training course, it doesn’t matter the way you use to pay.

So if you find it an affordable way to pay in cash, don’t hesitate.

Because of this, you will be free from other extra obligations, no interest you have to pay again.

There is a kind of flexibility when you pay in full at the beginning of the course, it seems as you attend the whole course for no cost.

Because charging it in full makes you avoid a lot of trouble if you decide to pay every month.

The Cost for CDL training and the payment options are just one part of the process to get your certificate.

It’s your first step to find a training school then they will help you find the affordable option for you to pay, it’s your turn to find a CDL training school that provides you with the quality training as well as the job assistance.

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