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Best Guide About Driver Recruitment Agencies or Consultants

Driver Recruitment Agencies or Consultants

Are you owning trucking and searching for hiring trucking drivers? Are you a truck driver that looking forward to getting a job in a trucking company? Then you may ask about the truck driver recruitment agencies or consultants that provide you with truck drivers or provide you with companies to work for.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the pros and cons of dealing with the best truck driver recruitment agencies or consultants and provide you with the process by which these agencies make the procedures.

What are Truck Driver Recruitment Agencies or Consultants?

Truck driver recruitment agencies look for suitable truck drivers for vacant positions in different trucking fields with one or more companies.

This depends on a job description that they search for suitable candidates through their website, job fairs, job sites, network, and through social media.

What are the Pros and Cons of Truck Driver Recruitment Agencies?

Before dealing with a truck driver recruitment agency, you need to be aware of the advantages you will get as well as the disadvantages that will face you.

Here is a list of Advantages and Disadvantages of dealing with truck driver recruitment agencies or consultants:

Advantages of Dealing With Truck Driver Recruitment Agencies or Consultants:

1. Hiring Faster

Dealing with truck driver recruitment agencies will shorten the time needed to fill your open positions.

A recruitment agency has the ability to find candidates faster than you can.

Recruiters collect and assess CVs, check references, and filter talented job seekers using the best interview techniques, so you don’t have to.

Once the agency understands your business and goals they will help you hire the right people in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Truck driver recruitment agencies have a talent pool in their database, a network of connections to leverage, and access to expensive systems that help us locate people with those hard to find skills you are looking for.

This means that the only people that agencies submit for your review are ones that fit your criteria.

2. Guarantee Qualified Candidates

Being one of the most important advantages of dealing with truck driver recruitment agencies or consultants, using a truck driver recruitment agency increases the ability to hire high-quality candidates.  

Recruitment agencies have access to a large talent pool of pre-screened and referenced truck drivers.

Be certain that when you deal with recruitment agencies you will be only meeting with candidates that have been already carefully assessed and interviewed.

3. Get valuable information  

As truck driver recruitment agencies have much direct contact with both clients and candidates, they gain more knowledge about the trucking industry.

They have the ability to provide you with valuable insight and advice. This is a crucial part of their job.

When you deal with truck driver recruitment agency you will get their knowledge about many things may have never known about.

They will provide you with salary rates, available skill sets, career expectations, current hiring complexities, and market trends.

4. Provide complete support

The truck driver recruitment agency you hire will provide you with complete support and assistance needed.

They will communicate with the candidates as well as employers. Thus, you will not have to go through the time-consuming process of communicating with the candidates.

If you have specific requirements for hiring truck drivers, you should contact with the recruitment agency and explain about it.

Afterward, the agency will provide you with a list of candidates according to your requirements.

Besides, they can help you selecting the best matching candidate out of them.

In the other hand, if you are a truck driver, recruitment agency will help you by providing constructive criticism and feedback.

If you didn’t get that job after an interview, recruiters will be able to help you understand why and then help you strengthen your interview skills or in time for your next attempt.

Basically, you can handover the work to the recruitment agency and don’t worry about the process.

Disadvantages of Dealing with truck driver recruitment agencies or consultants:

1. More Costs

Cost associated with truck driver recruitment agency will be the biggest drawback you will face.

Actually, the costs you will pay vary according to a variety of factors including the type of recruitment strategy and the salary.

If you have a limited recruitment budget, you will not be able to get the assistance of truck driver recruitment agencies or consultants.

2. Truck drivers don’t tend to go ahead with recruitment agencies

Some truck drivers don’t tend to apply through recruitment agencies as they complain from the lack of communication.

They say that they never heard back from the recruitment agency after applying for a job. On the other hand, some other candidates tell that they were not provided with ideal placements that match with their preferences.

3. Lack of employer branding

A trucking company’s reputation can be gained in many ways; the most important one is in your hiring process.

Getting the word out about your culture happens naturally when you hire. If you stand out with your hiring, you can attract better talent.

When you outsource hiring to someone else, you are resigning yourself to their branding, which may not be better than your own.

How does the process of dealing with truck driver recruitment agencies or consultants look like?

You may be wondering about the process of dealing with truck driver recruitment agencies or consultants.

Here are the steps truck driver recruitment agencies or consultants go through:

1. Provide a job description

The consultant will ask you about the requirement you need to hire with, for example, what duties and responsibilities will the successful candidate have? What are the skills and abilities for the role and where does this role fit within the business.

2. Searching

Agencies have many ways to source the best-suited candidates for the role such as our own personal database, promoting the vacancy online on outlets which can be seen by thousands of job seekers.

Experienced recruiters may know a candidate from previous placements and know the market too so well.

3. Identifying viable candidates

The thing that makes truck driver recruiters so popular with business is their ability to source highly qualified individuals whether if they are available on the market or not.

4. Telephone screening

When they find the correct applicants, the first screening stage of the process will take place.

Truck driver agencies will have a list of 5 – 10 candidates who they will speak to and explain the role in more detail.

This is to see if not only the candidate’s qualifications and skills match the role but to make sure their attitude matches the values of the company.

5. The interview

In this stage, the applicants will have the chance to go face to face with their potential employers.

As part of the process, companies will run background checks, reference checks, and possibly a credit check as.

6. The offer

When the suitable candidate is selected, the process of offer-negotiation then starts.

This is the process by which the truck driver recruiter will use their bargaining skills and go back and forth with the client to settle the exact salary, bonuses, allowances, and any other benefits.

7. Join the company

There are no offers anymore and the candidate has been given their start date.

Finally, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of dealing with truck driver recruitment agencies or consultants makes you decide whether to deal with them or not.


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