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How Much Does a Dump Truck Driver Make

How Much Does a Dump Truck Driver Make

Many people think that dump truck drivers don’t earn too much, as it’s one of the jobs that are not important as many others, asking about how much does a dump truck driver make in the united states?

If you are really concerned, in this article, I will tell you all you need to know about.

What is The Dump Truck Driver Salary?

From the estimates done in 2020, the salary for dump truck driver is about $18.77 per hour in the USA.

The average salaries are different according to the years of experience, here is a list of the average dump truck driver pay by years of experience.      

  • Experience  less than 1 year: $16.28.
  • From 1  to 2 years: 18.77$.
  • And 3  to 5 years: $21.49.
  • From 6 to 9 years: $22.10.

If you need to know about the exact average, it may not be easy to pinpoint the exact salary for a dump truck driver or an owner operator.

According to the estimates done by Payscale, a dump truck owner-operator may earn from $40,000 to $197,000.

The longer a dump truck driver works, the more likely average is to make.

Moreover, geography is one of the most effective factors affecting payments.

Top Companies For Dump Truck Drivers in United States

As you are concerned about the average salary of dump truck drivers, you are surely asking about the best and big companies for dump truck drivers.

Here is a list of the top companies for dump truck drivers all over the USA, it includes:

  • Dupre Logistics: $30.93 per hour.
  • Western Big City Companies: $29.71 per hour.
  • Hub Group:$27.33 per hour.
  • WESTERN MATERIALS:$26.56 per hour.
  • Hydrochem PSC:$24.99 per hour.

Highest Paying Cities in The USA For This Job

Here is a list of the highest paying cities all over the USA:

  • Indianapolis, IN $22.79 per hour.
  • Columbus, OH: $20.12 per hour.
  • Tampa, FL: $20.06 per hour.
  • Phoenix, AZ: $19.19 per hour.
  • Tulsa, OK: $18.86 per hour.
  • Fort Wayne, IN:$18.45 per hour.
  • Charlotte, NC: $17.39 per hour.

The Pros And Cons of This Job:

To some extent, dump truck driving is considered rewarding, on the other hand, it’s a job that is not proper for everyone.

If you need to know about the pros and cons of this job to help you make up your mind.

Here is a list of the pros and cons to consider more carefully.

Advantages of Becoming a Dump Truck Driver

1 –  High Pay Rate.

One of the advantages of becoming a dump truck driver, dump truck companies always pay drivers about $15.57 per hour.

It’s greater than this average in many of them but this may be the least average.

Some companies pay to double the average, to reach about $30 per hour, a dump truck driver’s salary stands for the company you are working for.

It also depends on the experience a dump truck driver gets and what he is hauling.

Dump truck drivers are eligible for bonuses as well as incentives as a result of the high demand for their service.

In 2016, the average salary in the USA reached more than $37,040, it was suggested for dump truck drivers to get more than this average salary.

2 –  Low Mileage

Low mileage is another one of the advantages of becoming a dump truck driver.

Most truck types depend on mileage as their best way to get high income, unlike other truck drivers, a dump truck driver’s routes are often local.

You don’t need to move from a state to another all over the USA, many dump jobs include hauling loads from one place to another within 20 or 30 miles.

So instead of moving along the interstate to deliver loads, it’s more likely to travel within a specific boundary.

Moreover, dump truck drivers don’t carry loads that require many days’ travel, so they have to sleep on the run.

You will sleep on your own bed, stay at home with your family, even if you take many loads per day and every day.

3 – Opportunity

Opportunity often knocks for you as a dump truck driver in case you are a new driver, you don’t have to be worried.

Many companies all over the USA are searching for dump truck drivers, they will provide you with the needed training.

They offer you a job to work as a dump truck driver, if you accept the offer, you’ll be likely trained in a school.

You only need to submit your application to these different companies, they will respond soon.

What’s For Experienced Dump Truck Drivers?

If you have a bit of experience, many other companies will offer jobs to you, as they are always searching for new candidates to work with them.

As a dump truck driver, you need to have experience regarding job requirements such as inspecting equipment, cleaning, and maintaining your truck.

So if you take the matter seriously and want to be one of the dump truck drivers, get trained in things mentioned above, you will be lucky to get a job soon.

Disadvantages of Becoming a Dump Truck Driver

Like all aspects of life, a dump truck driver job has its own disadvantages, it seems unacceptable for many individuals.

Here are some certain reasons for that.

1 –  Repetition

As you do the same thing every day, you may get bored very quickly, if you are from this kind of people, it’s not a proper job for you.

A dump truck driver may take the same route for a long time, carry the same loads, meet the same people, nothing may be changed for months, you need to find different solutions to this problem, you can change your routes if they are the same.

You can ask your employer to continuously change your destination as a kind of change, this may do better for you.

2 – Seasonal

One of the disadvantages  as a dump truck driver, your job may be a seasonal one.

It depends on the state you live in,  for example, in Florida, a dump truck driver is going to face many weather-related problems than those who work in Alaska.

May states have bad winters, so you may be out of your job as long as the weather is snowy.

You should know that trucks used in dumping are so expensive pieces of equipment, so they need to be driven in perfect conditions.

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3 – Loneliness

Being lonely can be a big problem for long-haul truckers, on the other hand, dump truck driving can be different to some extent that can be a relatively isolated job.

As you are alone inside your truck, driving all the time, moving from one place to another, it can be very difficult for you.

To make it much easier, you can listen to audiobooks, songs, and others, try to turn up the volume while listening.

As you are looking forward to starting your career as a dump truck driver or owner operator?

Many things can make dump trucks driving a wonderful choice for you, while there are some others that don’t match that makes it a less ideal career for others.

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