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How Much Does a Garbage Truck Driver Make

How Much Does a Garbage Truck Driver Make

Do you ever think about how much does a garbage truck driver makes? What an average salary does he get? How many hours does he have to work in a week? is his job satisfying?

To your surprise, I can tell you that a garbage truck driver’s salary may be much more than what you think of.

In this article, I will tell you everything related to truckers who work in the garbage truck drivers and helpers.

How Much Does a Garbage Truck Driver Make?

Molina is a truck driver, Tony Sankar is his co-worker, both of them have been working in the trash for more than a decade.

Their work is mainly centered in the city of New York, I asked them how much did they get last year?

They told me that they worked from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m.,  yet they love their work so much because they get paid well.

Molina who is 32 years old said with a baby-faced grin, “the trash you drop is my money,”.

Last year Molina got $112,000, as a garbage truck driver, Sankar could also make $100,000 as a helper.

Not everyone can make six figures, but I can say nearly all the trash workers are making much more than high school graduates.

What is The Salary of Garbage Truck Driver Per Year?

How much does a garbage truck driver make, it may be normal to tell you that the garbage truck driver average salary is about $40,000 per year.

According to the Labor Department, most professions from high school dropouts earn about $24,000.

While other high school graduates average salary ranging to reach about $30,000.

I think your curiosity about How much does a Waste Management garbage truck driver make is going up.

Here are some details regarding this point.

The average of a garbage truck driver’s hourly pay is reaching about .$18.11. He can get a bonus of about $1,000.

The total pay, he may get is about $29,308 to $58,412 per year.

What Does a Garbage Truck Refer To?

Garbage truck always refers to a truck that is designed for collecting solid waste as well as hauling waste to a solid waste treatment factory.

A trash truck is another common name to this industry in the United States.

Other names include a junk truck, a rubbish truck, a dumpster, a dustbin lorry, a bin wagon, a bin lorry, and a bin van.

The technical name for all these includes a refuse collection vehicle and a waste collection vehicle.

Nowadays, you can see these trucks all over the states, it’s a common sight in all urban areas.

Mack and Autocar are the major USA manufacturers of garbage trucks.

What Do Garbage Truck Drivers Do?

Trash truck drivers are those workers who are responsible for picking up trash from different residential and commercial locations.

They usually use trucks with mechanical arms to lift garbage and load them into the truck.

The truck driver is the man who operates these mechanical arms are, so, prior experience is highly recommended with similar machinery.

When garbage needs to be loaded manually, more physical strength is needed rather than machinery.

Why is a Garbage Truck Driver a Promising Job?

Nowadays, truck drivers who work in the trash earn a good salary, their wages grow faster than any other average.

Salaries for trash workers grew by about 18%, which is faster than 14% of the average for all other workers since 2009.

It becomes very difficult to find workers in this business. employers suffer too much when they look for newly qualified truck drivers.

One of the owners told me that he had advertised for a truck driver’s job, then he got 50 applications.

Only 4 applicants from all the candidates had a commercial driver’s license, to his surprise, they all got penalties.

This Job is it a Good Opportunity?

Every time new opportunities are open in the trash, there are many new types of recycling which in turn create more jobs.

As an example, at Morris’ site in the city of Iowa, she got a crew that their only job was to separate recycling for roof shingles, wood, kitchen electronics, and appliances.

Now Morris’ team is about 45 employees, he plans to hire more people the following year to be able to handle a new recycling system.

According to estimates, there are about 50,000 trash workers more than the number in 2010.

How Much Does a Garbage Truck Driver Make in California?

How much does a garbage truck driver make in California, in the year 2020, the average trash Truck Driver salary is about $46,632.

On the other hand, the range goes between $39,745 and $54,797.

It’s normal that truck driver hourly salaries range is different widely according to the state or the city.

Other important factors may include certifications, education, and other additional skills.

The number of years you spent in the profession may have a great effect on your salary.

Waste Truck Driver Hourly Salaries in the USA

How much does a garbage truck driver make? here is the salary which is estimated according to 7 employees, during the past and present job advertisements.

The average of truck driver hourly salaries reach $15,57 per hour, in some places it may reach to $18 per hour.

Is a Garbage Man a Good Job?

It becomes normal to see instead of dumping our garbage ourselves in the bins, we see garbage collectors.

Now garbage collectors’ job is to pick up the trash and carry it away from cities to the remote waste-management facilities.

Garbage collectors are divided into two categories:

1 – a garbage truck driver who drives the truck.

2 – a helper or “ground man,” whose job is to pick up trash cans and recyclables.

Helpers should be physically strong enough to be able to lift heavy cans and bins.

Garbage collectors should keep their records of garbage pickups, they are also trained to use hand signals to communicate with the helper.

They may deal with residents and move continuously from one place to another to collect garbage.

They should be patient enough to work late at night, as they usually pick up garbage at night.

How to Become a Garbage Collector?

In case you’re a helper, to become a garbage collector, the period of time which is required for training may vary from a few days to a whole month.

In case you’re a driver of a truck, a commercial driver’s license is needed before you can join this field.

Trucks garbage collectors may operate a range including big dumpster trucks and side-loader trucks,

Drivers have to know how to operate the demanded garbage-compressing equipment.

To become a garbage collector, both drivers and helpers have to go for Training, experienced workers usually lead this training.

How much does a garbage truck driver make Most Americans work well until the age of 60s, truck drivers and workers might love their job.

They see it more enjoyable and a career which is fulfilling, there are many advantages to this job as following:

  • A low-stress level job,
  • Good work-life balance and
  • Solid prospects to improve,
  • Get promotions.
  • Earn a high salary.
  • Make many employees happy.
  • They are free most of the day.

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