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How To Become a Truck Driver in #4 steps

How To Become a Truck Driver

You’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career, truck driving can be one of the best choices for you if you want to know how to become a truck driver, what are the requirements to become a truck driver? Why you should be a truck driver and more.

Follow me in this article, I’m going to reveal all the secrets behind it.

Requirements to Become a Truck Driver

If you decide to be a truck driver, there are certain requirements you will need to get before joining this industry and becoming one of the professional truck driving family.

1. Obtaining  a CDL license

One of the initial needs you should meet is getting a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

It’s obtained from the state you live in, it also needs to meet a set of requirements before getting it.

2. Attending a Truck Driving Course

To get a CDL, you have to attend a course in truck driving, there are a lot of variations in truck driver courses and requirements.

But certain qualifications should be taken before getting the license.

If you contact any of the nearest truck companies, they can help you with timetables and other requirements.

3. Eligible  Work History and Clean Record of driving

Many of the truck driving schools demand is a clean driving record, they also look at the driver’s history to admit him to truck driving programs.

If you need to get more information about the most important truck driver qualifications in your state.

You can pick up one of the copies available at your state’s commercial driver’s manual, you can get it from one of the local Departments of Motor Vehicles.

It can help you to be familiar with important commercial truck regulations and driving rules.

4. Aged at least 21 Years Old

Professional truck drivers are set to be at least 21 years old or more according to the requirements of (DOT) the department of transportation.

5. Pass Alcohol  and Drug Tests.

Before receiving CDL certificates, professional drivers are subject to some tests, they must pass a drug and alcohol test as well as undergoing a physical test, done by an approved doctor.

Should I Become a Truck Driver

There are certain reasons to become a truck driver to be one of the professional truck drivers, it can be your perfect choice for the following:

 1. You won’t have to spend  a lot of years training for a good career.

2. You will get a high salary

3. You will have a stable  job.

4. if you become an owner operator, you will be your own boss.

5. Also, All the time, you will get a chance to visit new places and meet new people.

Steps to Become Truck Driver

If you ask about the perfect steps to become truck driver, congratulations to take this decision, there are four simple steps to be one of the professional truck drivers, I’m here to help you get it done, here are the four steps you need, just go ahead and follow me.

Step 1: meeting requirements

To be one of the professional Commercial Motor Vehicle drivers (CMV), you need to get a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), you can get it at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) inside the state you live in.

You also need to meet all the state and federal requirements as well as all the company required qualifications.

Step 2: Finding a truck driving course

if you meet the main requirements, So, you should look for a truck driving school to prepare you for getting CDL training, knowledge and all the required skills for tests.

Step 3: Paying for truck driving course

After choosing you a course, now it’s time to pay for the training course, there are a lot of ways to pay for your course, don’t worry about your financial circumstances, ways such as aid and grant funding, tuition reimbursement, up-front paid training and more options are all available for you.

Step 4: Getting a truck driving job

After ending the course successfully, getting your CDL certificate, there are a lot of varieties to pick up your job at one of the trucking companies all over the USA.

You will find more jobs available in the advertisement.

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Truck Driver Average Salary

There is a certain average salary for truck drivers in the USA, it goes around $60,429 per year.

To get more information, take a look at the following top salaries for Truck Drivers in the USA.

  • The Dart Network:  $160,211 per year.
  • XPO Logistics:   $139,426 per year.
  • Celadon Trucking:    $100,057   per year.
  • Chalk Mountain Services:  $97,979 per year.
  • Sysco:   $88,058   per year.

What are the basic tips for truck drivers?

To become a truck driver, Safety is one of the most important tips for the truck driving industry, to avoid any accidents and injuries, you must follow certain safety procedures.

It’s not only important for your safety but it’s also for other’s safety.

1. Always wear a seatbelt

There are some studies that show about one among six truck drivers do not wear their seatbelts, they don’t realize that wearing seatbelts is not only required for itself.

But it’s also required for the most preventable way to reduce injuries at the time of accidents.

2. Avoid using mobile phones during driving

As you know, it is illegal to use a mobile phone during driving, any kind of texting, talking, or looking at your mobile screen can lead to a dangerous accident.

3. Don’t exceed speed limits

The speed limit is one of the crucial rules that a truck driver mustn’t exceed, if you become a truck driver, always be inside the speed limit to stay safe on the road.

4. Avoid having alcohol and other drugs

You should be aware that drinking while driving is a very dangerous crime, you must never do.

Anything that may have an effect on your mental and physical concentration must be avoided.

5. Plan for unexpected events

You should think of unexpected events that you may face on the road.

So planning your journey and preparing for unexpected events can help you avoid hard emergency time.

6. Take care for your truck’s space cushion

Your truck has a big height as well as weight, always take care there is a safe space between your truck and other vehicles on the road, looking around all your truck sides may prevent accidents.

7. Slow down while crossing turns and curves

Be careful when you cross turns or curvy roads, slow down to the possible speed to adjust other vehicles.

8. Keep a proper distance to stop

As I said before, your truck has a heavyweight, when you plan to stop, make sure to keep a proper distance between you and other vehicles.

9. Check for the weather

Unpredictable weather may happen at any time, try to keep track of changes in the weather, always check for the weather forecast before starting a journey and avoid driving during dangerous conditions.

10. Eat healthy food and get enough rest

A healthy diet and sleeping well can keep you more alert on the road, always make sure you get enough sleep, don’t drive while you are tired.

To become a truck driver, truck driving is a profession that you have to take a risk to join, it’s a well-paid job that will have a great impact on your life, around 70% of products are moved from place to another all over the USA, without truck drivers, who will manage to move all this huge amount?!

Professional owner-operators and drivers make a difference to their life, they are free to get rid of the regular  9-5 work time, instead of that they go for an exciting job which takes them far away all over the country.

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