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How to Get a CDL license without going to school

How to get a CDL license without going to school

How to get a CDL license without going to school, in a short answer, I can say, yes, you can go ahead, prepare yourself, study, and test for the CDL.

You don’t have to go to school or ask for a company-sponsored training program.

In this article, I will lead you to know all about getting your CDL without attending school training.

How could I get my CDL without attending school or a company-sponsored program?

If you don’t prefer attending school training or finding a company-sponsored program, you can study and pass your test.

There may be some payments for practice, you need to hire a truck to raise your driving skills.

Now, here are some of the free programs that you may need to pick one of them.

Free trucking truth high road CDL training programs

How to get a CDL license without going to school? I will tell you about some of the free CDL training programs.

They will help to prepare you for the CDL exam, including endorsements, load securement courses, and logbooks.

Will I be able to find a driving job if I get a CDL on my own?

The answer probably maybe not, trucking companies require that new drivers have to attend school courses to graduate from an accredited school.

Because of safety, insurance, and policy reasons, they require to attend at least 160 hours of training.

Can I get a CDL without going to school?

How to get a CDL license without going to school? Getting a CDL license is not something that is not easy to get.

As you know, once you pass you can pass the CDL test, you really become a professional truck driver.

The first lesson you should learn is to know how to drive the truck you are going to take when you go to perform your CDL license test.

Even if you can imagine it could be done, I advise you not to think of it in this way, you will lose too much.

How to Get a CDL A License fast?

Now I can direct you to the needed steps to get a CDL License, here are the important points.

  • Be more than 21 years old.
  • Apply for your state’s CDL training course and pay the required fee.
  • Your social security and identification number must be verified.
  • You have to be one of the USA citizens.
  • Submit proof of state.
  • a Medical Examination Report must be submitted.
  • a vision test must be passed.
  • a knowledge exam must be passed.
  • After passing, a Commercial Learner’s Permit must be issued (CLP).
  • Wait for 14 days before scheduling your CDL road skills test.
  • a pre-trip inspection must be passed
  • road skills and driving examination must be passed.

After passing all the above procedures, you must pay the required fees for your new CDL.

Now you should realize that you get a great opportunity to be a part of the huge American industry.

Truck drivers in the USA are moving about 70% of the freight all over the United States.

What trucking companies can pay for CDL training?

Does it seem to be a good idea for you to think of trucking companies that can pay for CDL training?

Here are the top ten Companies which Sponsor CDL Training For You, always think that you are not alone.

The average cost of truck training course program is about $3500 depending on the school you apply for, the cost can be raised up to $7000 or more.

So, if you don’t have the ability to pay for trucking training school, you can find a chance at the trucking companies which can pay for CDL training.

They can provide you with the essential training program to be one of the professional truck drivers.

It means that there is a company that volunteers to pay instead of you, to get your CDL license.

What do they take for this? in return, they need you to submit a contract with them that you agree to work with them for the given period of time that you can accept.

It’s usually about one year that volunteer companies demand from you to fund your training course.

Trucking companies which can pay for CDL training

Here is a list of trucking companies which can pay for CDL training, they offer free CDL training:

1 – FFE Transportation.

2 – Prime transportation.

3 – Pam transport.

4 – Knight transportation.

5 – SWIFT transportation.

6 – USA Truck.

7 – CRST’s Training Program.

8 – Roehl Transport.

9 –  Stevens trucking.

10 – C. R. England trucking company.

Note that If you leave the company before you end the contract, you are penalized.

At least you may be forced to refund them all the cost they spent on your training course.

So, make sure that you stay with the company until your contract is over.

What are the required documents for the CDL training course?

To get a CDL license, there are some certain documents that you should deliver to be accepted, they include your current ID card, social security card, a Medicare ID card.

A card from any of the US Armed Forces showing your military case whether you are active, retired, reserve, or dependent.

Many of the states may demand other forms of documents, so you should check before you go there to submit our application.

For the proof of residency,  it varies according to the state, in some cases, you only need to provide a single copy of your utility bill.

For other states, such as California, they require to bring two or three different documents.

CDL physical requirements

You can choose one among 55,000 certified medical examiners to provide you with the required CDL physical tests.

It’s easy to get your service, once you provide all the necessary paperwork, you get the tests.

All applicants must pass a vision test, they also must pass as a knowledge test, so prepare yourself and be ready.

Why should I enroll in a commercial driver’s course?

To answer this question, I can say: it’s better to take a commercial driver’s course before you apply for a CDL training course.

Although many states don’t ask you to complete a commercial driver’s course for applying for a CDL, this course will surely prepare you for CDL tests.

It will add more to your skills and required information, it’s considered as the first step on your journey to get your CDL.

Generally, a commercial driver’s course continues for three or four weeks.

How to get a CDL license without going to school? I advise you not to think in this way, it’s very hard to find a job if you get it in this way.

You can look for variables, then your chance to work in this field will be better.

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