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Best Guide About Team Truck Driver

Team Truck Driver

Have you ever heard about the team truck driver? Team drivers are two drivers who take turns driving the same truck in shifts (sometimes called spouses), or several people in different states that split up the haul (line haul).

Some drivers like to drive in a team, while others may don’t.

Actually, there is a high demand for team drivers. Just like they are looking for solo drivers, most companies are looking for team drivers; however, many of us know what the solo drivers go through in the world of trucking.

The same is applied for team drivers, as we will talk about the team truck driver’s way of work.

Are you interested to know more about team truck driving? In this article, I will let you know.

What is Team Truck Driving Way of Work?

How do both team truck drivers work? They work by shifts; each driver will have on-duty and off-duty, with each driver spending half their driving the truck and the other half resting.

By switching off regularly, both individuals will be able to stay fully alert, reducing the risk that either of them will drive unsafely, and covering more miles daily and leading to the truck driving round the clock.

As a driving team, the goal is to keep the truck moving 24 hours per day through shifts between the two colleagues

After the shift is over, tasks are switched between the team drivers.

What are the Pros and Cons of this type of work?

If you have an intention to work as a team truck driver, you need to know that there are advantages and disadvantages to this job.

So here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of working as team truck driver:

Advantages of being a team truck driver:

  • Some trucking companies prefer driving in a team:

Many trucking companies prefer to employ co-drivers (that drive for longer distances and get the job done).

Some companies are willing to pay a premium for drivers in a team due to the increased hours of service,

As team trucking jobs increase their profit and accomplishments by keeping their trucks moving all the time through shifts.

  • More money is paid:

When you work as a team truck driver you are going to be able to drive longer with your spouse or partner leading to more time spent on the road that equals more money in your pockets. 

With two truck drivers, you will always be able to spend more time on the road making more money than other types of trucking jobs.

  • Supported on the road:

Being a solo truck driver, you may often feel bored and lonely when you are in a truck driving for extended amounts of time.

Having someone to chat with on the road as well as to be your cheerleader when the driving gets tough will keep you motivated and focused on the task, and gives you a push when feeling depressed during work.

  • Spending fewer expenses to fix your truck:

If you are not driving for a company (independently), this will lead to fewer expenses when fixing the truck.

If the truck would break down, then the cost would be equally split between you and the other driver. This actually saves both team drivers’ expenses by 50 percent.

Disadvantages of being a team truck driver:

  • Choosing the wrong team truck partner:

You have to be careful when you choose the partner who will work with you on the truck because when you choose the wrong one, things may get out of control and your life on the road can become a living hell.

On the contrary, choosing the right partner will be good for you, for example: choosing your wife or best friend to be your partner.

Husband and wife drivers enjoy the ability to spend all the time both at home and during work, as a result of getting work done and having a nice time being together.

It’s critical to choose a team truck driver you know and trust.

  • Uncomfortable Sleep:

If you are willing to work as a team truck driver, you need to know that you will sleep in the moving truck.

Sleeping in a moving truck can be hard. it’s not like sleeping in a truck stop station. Actually, it is one of the biggest issues that team drivers suffer from, and the truckers are often tired.

Try to imagine yourself sleeping in the noise and vibration of the truck and highway noise, all you can really do is try to adapt yourself to this issue. It will get easier with time but stills difficult.

  • Stopping for breaks

When you want to have a break, your request may not be always accepted. You need to know that such decisions depend on both of you,

So driving with the team makes you under the mercy of your partner and his opinion too, as well as delivery schedules. 

How Much Do Team Truck Drivers Make?

What is the team truck driver’s salary? The average weekly miles for a driving team are 3600 to 5000.

Being a team truck driver means that the total pay you get is divided by two, so both drivers split the cents per mile pay.

Therefore, if the company is paying an average of 0.40 cents per mile, you both are making 0.20 cents per mile.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on May 19, 2020, the average annual salary for a Team truck driver in the United States is $80,674 per year.

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What about the Husband and Wife in the Team?

Imagine that your work partner is your wife; the money earned from the company goes to the same pocket.

Even a great relationship, such as one between a husband and wife, you may like your work due to this reason,

A person you love, understand and respect, which inspires both of you to be creative and productive during work.

What Problems May Face a Team Truck Driver With CDL School Trainer?

If you are looking forward to attending a paid CDL training program with a trucking company, you should be aware of some problems you may face with the CDL school trainer.  

Here is a list of some issues that may annoy you while having your CDL school training:

  • Driver trainer absence:

Sometimes the CDL school trainer may fall sleep while the trainee is driving under training, which means there is no direct supervision of the unqualified driver trainee.

  • Sexual harassment

Female driver trainees may face sexual harassment from their CDL school trainers. In this case, ask for a new trainer and make a report.

  • Long training trips

You may have long training with an inexperienced driver trainer, so you may not be interested in your training and may not come out with the needed benefit.

So in this situation, you may ask for another professional trainer or decreasing the trips period.

Does Working as a Team Truck Driver Worth it?

Working hours are long, you may suffer a lack of rest and sleep difficulties, and the pay you receive at the end of this stress is not often much heftier than if working as a solo driver.

However, you may be interested in working as a team truck driver. So think about it carefully before taking on a job driving team.

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