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Top 10 Bluetooth Headset for Truckers

Top 10 Bluetooth Headset for Truckers

Driving a truck over long distances is a dangerous job. You have to stay focused and take care of the road. You must also communicate and make phone calls. It is best to have a good headset to do this. Here is a list of some top 10 Bluetooth headset for truckers that will keep the focus on the road.

Image Product Review Price
71y0HJNZFPL. AC SL1500 BlueParrott B450-XT Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check The Price on Amazon
203890 BlueParrott Bluetooth Headset ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check The Price on Amazon
61t HESaFmL. AC SL1500 Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset  ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check The Price on Amazon

Top 10 Bluetooth Headset For Truckers:

1. VXi B450-XT Trucker Headset

71y0HJNZFPL. AC SL1500

If we’re talking about absolute technical capabilities, the VXi B450-XT trucker headset is, without a doubt, the most advanced Bluetooth headset for truckers. Every aspect of its performance can be classified as “industry leader” and “pioneer.”

You see, this is not the average bluetooth headset for your bluetooth – and just because it maintains wireless connectivity with associated devices in a 300-foot range is conclusive proof of that.

Another huge plus performance-wise goes to the Blue Parrot VXi 450 battery. Once a full charge, it saves you 24 hours of continuous talk time and holds its charge for up to 500 hours in standby mode.

The microphone installed on this speaker is no less surprising, either – it’s designed to cancel out up to 96 percent of the background noise. You can make calls in high-noise environments with virtually no disturbance.

It includes a programmable Parrott button and has possible sound commands for free use. In addition, it has A2DP support, which means you can stream audio content and GPS directions through it as well.

If there’s one thing that bothers us around the VXi BlueBarote headset, it’s a pretty huge design. Again, it is mostly a matter of personal tastes and preferences.


  • Equipped with a 96% noise-cancelling microphone (best noise-canceling headset for truck driver with microphone)
  • Unrivaled autonomy with 24 hours of conversation
  • Up to 300 feet of Bluetooth reach
  • Supports calls and multimedia streaming
  • Hands-free function with possible voice commands


  • It’s a bit bulky
unnamed 2

2. B250-XTS Trucker Bluetooth Headset:

Although it has the same high-end features and professional class features as the XT-B450, it has a slightly lighter frame and slightly worse noise cancellation performance.

It features a lightweight 2.7-ounce frame with a tight headband, making long-term wear more comfortable. Speaking of prolonged corrosion, you’ll appreciate built-in backup cushions – these things are always the first to go.

The performance of the microphone lives up to the high standards set by BlueParrott. However, as mentioned earlier, it does not deliver exactly the same level of noise cancellation.

This is far from the real drawback, however, because it still blows up the water competition.

In addition, it can be paired with two devices at once, which is very convenient if you are constantly passing between your personal phone and your business.

With more than 20 hours of talk time and 500 hours of standby time, the B250-XTS boasts state-of-the-art battery performance. No wonder it’s such a popular option among truckers!

Unfortunately, however, the audio content stream does not initially support.


  • Impressive noise cancellation performance
  • Industry-leading battery life with more than 20 hours of talk time
  • Light construction with tight headband
  • Pairs with two devices at a time
  • Comes with backup cushions and microphone windshield


  • Doesn’t support music streaming at all
unnamed 2

3. Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset:

61t HESaFmL. AC SL1500

The Bluetooth Mpow Pro headset is a two-sided, rebellious-looking headset with an innovative and lightweight design:

In addition to an adjustable headband and a 330-degree microphone arm, allowing you to change sides instantly, it weighs only 1.48 oz.

Wearing comfortable all day doesn’t mean much without a strong battery performance, however. That’s why Mpow Pro comes with a 180 mAh battery that can withstand up to 12 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

It takes about 2 hours to recharge, and in standby mode it lasts up to 200 hours.

In addition, it can be paired with two devices at once, allowing you to switch between them at the touch of a button. On this note, the earpiece has three of them – up/down volume control and multifunctional button.

The advanced technology behind the multidirectional microphone, and noise cancellation four times, blocks all background sounds, focusing only on your voice. This way, you can have crystalline conversations, even in very noisy environments.

However, it doesn’t support multimedia streaming, which means you can’t listen to music or stream podcasts directly to the headset. This is a professional class truck driver’s helmet clearly designed to make calls – no more, no less.

If you are looking to get a Bluetooth headset for truckers and you have a low budget, the Mpow Pro headset (check the price on Amazon)is the best choice for you.


  • Ultra-light design, 1.48 oz
  • 330-degree rotating microphone, directional noise cancellation
  • Pairs with two devices at a time
  • Offers about 12 hours of conversation time
  • Unprecedented price/value ratio


  • Does not support multimedia streaming
unnamed 2

4. Plantronics Voyager Legend Headset:

51sc6e37 DL. AC SL1200

Plantronics trucker Bluetooth headset is a famous manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see it ranked in this round of the best trucker Bluetooth headset in 2020.

You’ll be pleased to know that the Legend of Voyager has a special nano paint, which makes the entire helmet more durable and water resistant. The design is wise, with an extended microphone stick with a triple noise cancellation technology microphone:

It promises to transmit crystalline sound even in noisy and stormy environments.

Built-in sensors automatically detect if you’re wearing a headset and direct incoming calls accordingly. For an absolute handless experience, you can count on simple voice commands to get the job done.

It also has this useful feature known as multi-point technology – it allows you to pair the headset with two different smartphones at the same time.

The battery allows up to seven hours of talk time per charge, which takes about 90 minutes. However, the problem is that the battery only lasts about 11 hours, even on standby.

This is why it is especially recommended for truck accidents that do not spend days on the road and pass through remote areas. However, it is easy to have the best Bluetooth Blotronics headset on the market!


  • Triple mic noise cancellation technology for maximum clarity
  • Smart sensor technology to guide calls and voice recognition
  • Has state-of-the-art technology and pairs equipped with two devices
  • Waterproof helmet


  • Drains battery quickly, even when on standby
unnamed 2

5. B350-XT 203475 Blue Parrott Trucker Headset:

61Hyn3SSMOL. AC SL1400

Yes, this is the third blue Parrot model in this roundup of the best Bluetooth headphones for truckers. I’ve seen what their headset offers, so you can’t blame us for wanting to include another one of their signature forms in this list.

You’ll find button controls on the earpiece, including volume controls, a multifunctional button and a charging port. It also features a handy Parrott Button, which can be programmed to meet your needs with the Smart BlueParrott app.

In a typical BlueParrott way, it has 96 percent noise cancellation, which lands largely as the title of one of the best Bluetooth noise cancellation headsets for truckers.

Also, the connection options are no less amazing. The headset not only allows for multi-point connectivity, but also keeps Bluetooth connectivity within a 66-foot range.

Surprisingly speaking, can we talk about the battery’s ability to save more than 24 hours of speaking time and up to 500 hours of waiting time? Battery life is not a concern for B350-XT noise-cancelling headphones.


  • Benefits from a 96 per cent noise cancellation
  • Features of the programmable parrot button
  • It can be paired with two devices
  • A2DP audio broadcast enabled
  • The battery can accommodate more than 24 hours of conversation


  • The bright blue light is a bit boring.
  • It’s a little hard to distinguish the buttons.
unnamed 2

6. Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2:

71PMLroh31L. AC SL1500

Bose wireless headphones are generally known for their excellent sound quality. This Bluetooth Boss headset is simple in design and easy to use, with nothing but basic controls for size, power and call capture.

It doesn’t have some advanced features, however, including adaptive audio adaptation technology. As the name suggests, this technology works by automatically adjusting the size of the helmet, depending on how noisy the surrounding environment is.

In addition, it has a microphone that rejects noise, filters out ambient noise, and ensures a clear and pronounced sound – even in stormy conditions.

It also features audio streaming with Bluetooth A2DP technology, when you’re in the mood for music or podcast, or want to listen to turn-by-turn directions.

Another key feature is a rechargeable battery, which can save up to 4.5 hours of uninterrupted talk time – and carry the charge for up to 100 hours in sleep mode.

One drawback is that in addition to the unaffordable price, they have a side design. You can choose between the right or left ear option, but you can’t wear it interchangeably, so choose wisely.

On the plus side, this curved side design, coupled with a soft StayHear silicone tip, ensures a warm and safe fit.


  • Featuring a noise-cancelling microphone and adaptive sound technology
  • Supports audio streaming with Bluetooth A2DP
  • Easy-to-use and direct Bluetooth headset driver
  • Rechargeable battery saves 4.5 hours of talk time


  • A little expensive.
  • It has a side design.
unnamed 2

7. Delton Over-the-Head Headset:

21orrQMBeNL. AC

We’ll finish things off with the Dilton Bluetooth headset on our head – and a big one in it. Seriously, if you find more headphones more comfortable and safe, given the economical price, this one is worth considering.

The fact that you can rotate the built-in microphone up to 270 degrees is a huge plus here because it allows you to switch from left to right without too many problems.

Featuring a crazy noise microphone cancellation, quadruple that will ensure crystalline sound transmission, even at the top of the environment. It is designed with professional use in mind.

In addition, it has built-in multi-point technology, which means it can be paired not one, but two devices at a time!

The battery capacity is no less amazing, either, offering up to 18 hours of continuous use, and requires nothing more than a quick recharge for three hours in return.

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that the audio-controlled virtual assistant is built into this Dellton Bluetooth wireless headset, too, for maximum convenience and easy access.

If there is a noticeable problem with its performance, it allows you to guess the state of the headphone battery because it doesn’t display battery levels in any way.


  • Noise cancellation microphone four times
  • It can be paired with two devices at a time
  • Integrated audio controlled virtual assistant
  • The micron can rotate up to 270 degrees for more versatile use
  • Features of basic controls and LED light
  • Budget-friendly Bluetooth headset


  • Does not show battery condition
unnamed 2

8. GXGUS BH790 Trucker Headset (Unavaiable Now):

71f64gt5KdL. AC SL1272

Another option worth considering if you’re not a fan of more than one Bluetooth helmet head is the GXGUS BH790 helmet truck driver. It is not on your way, so it is best suited for truck drivers who wear glasses or any other type of headgear.

The adjustable fit and the rotating mic arm allow it to be used on the left and left ear, depending on your preferences, which is a huge plus.

But what exactly does this Bluetooth headset have to offer, in addition to a comfortable fit?

The layout is pretty simple, but includes all the basics – a voice control button, an LED status indicator, and a multifunctional button that takes calls and allows pairing. On this note, the BH790 GXGUS features bluetooth 4.1 -EDR function.

It also has a CSR chip for better sound quality and noise cancellation that keeps the background noise unwanted in the bay.

Another thing to mention here is a rechargeable battery, which contains enough juice to allow up to seven hours of work per charge.

This is probably the best Bluetooth for noisy environments. Whatever the noise level around it, you can expect a clear sound on both ends of the call.


  • Has no more design than the head for more versatile wear
  • Bluetooth 4.1 – EDR enabled (improved data rate)
  • Battery saves seven hours of working time
  • Adjustable with rotating microphone arm for use on both ears


  • The volume may be a little higher

9. Plantronics M70 Trucker Headset (Unavaiable Now):

31LkBVwvcOL. AC

The M70 is easily one of the best Plantronics Bluetooth headsets that will intersect and carry its floor by comparing plantronics headphones side by side.

Let’s first talk about the m70 design:

One thing you’ll no doubt enjoy is how light it feels – enough to forget until you wear your helmet. The combination of lightweight case, piece of rubber in the ear, inverted, on the crochet ear, it is extremely practical to wear for long periods, too.

The battery saves up to 11 hours of talk time or up to 16 days of waiting. In addition, when out of range, it goes into deep hibernation mode, helping to maintain battery life for several months at a time.

Also, once set up, you’ll notice that it offers three different language options. This is because the headset will inform you via audio alerts about battery life, the remaining modern time, and the volume level in the language of your choice.

The sound – even in the highest possible setting – does not sound loud enough. It won’t be a problem if you don’t drive a truck, and you don’t have to fight tons of background noise, but you have.

So keep this in mind before buying budget-friendly headphones.


  • Deep hibernation in sleep mode helps maintain battery life
  • Super comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Reversible ear fixation
  • State alerts for battery, speaking time and audio levels
  • Improved sound quality when combined with HD smartphones
  • Affordable enough


  • Volume isn’t particularly high

10. Vtin Professional Trucker Headset (Unavaiable Now)

61dAlpRMNqL. AC SL1280

If you have a pretty tight budget, but still want to get one of those truck headphones on your head, these Vtin headphones are the way to go. It has all the stylish features of a high-end helmet – minus the price that would eat your budget.

You’ll notice how comfortable you feel thanks to the lightweight construction, soft ear cushions, and adjustable headband. Your ears will not get tired or cause headaches, as some other models may get tired on the head.

It features an adjustable one-way microphone that can be rotated 330 degrees to fit custom. Four times noise-cancelling microphone technology is available to ensure unmatched sound quality every time you make or receive calls, regardless of background noise levels.

The battery carries its charge for about 160 hours on standby, allowing you to enjoy up to 13 hours of conversation time in a row. Goes from neck to neck with much more expensive models.

It is able to pair two devices at the same time too!

Their performance is only suitable for making calls, however – listening to music is not quite an option. Again, these are designed for professional use, so it’s quite understandable.


  • Has a four-way one-way noise cancellation micron
  • Battery saves 13 hours of talk time per charge
  • Light headband design with rotating microphone
  • Pairs with two devices at the same time


  • Not suitable for listening to music

Top Rated BlueTooth Headsets for Truck Drivers: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

Q: Best Cell Phone Headset For Truck Drivers?

You are probably well aware of the number of companies that claim that their headphones are the best on the market. Don’t pay attention to these claims, and focus on the things that matter, instead – the actual performance of the headset:

Battery life, noise cancellation, connectivity options, comfort and durability – that’s what matters.

Also, ask yourself the following questions if you’re not sure what the best Bluetooth headset suits you:

Will the helmet be comfortable enough for me to wear all day? Will the battery be able to continue charging while I’m on the road? Will the callers on the other side be able to hear me because of all the background noise?

As I’ve seen before, the B350-XT Blue Parrot checks all these squares – and then some. This brand has gone further to create a professional-class Bluetooth headset for truckers – only one other product can compete with it, too.

Q: Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers Cheap?

If you’re looking to save a few dollars along the way, you should seriously consider the Mpow Pro. This is easily the best trucker Bluetooth headset of 2020 for those on a budget.

Q: Why do truckers wear headsets?

Truckers wear headsets to keep their hands free to drive or to do other work. When they talk to their fleet manager, family, or friends.

Q: Can Truck Drivers Wear Headphones?

it is highly undesirable to do so, according to the RAC. although there is no specific law stating that it is illegal to drive while wearing headphones.

It is because he may fall under the crime of driving, driving without proper care, and careless driving, if the police officer believes that this is the case.

Q: Can Truck Drivers Listen to Music?

Legally, as long as you use inputs to or Bluetooth on your stereo in a dashboard, or they can be connected to an external speaker or FM transmitter that allows you to use FM radio to pick it up, you should be fine.

As long as you don’t use any type of earpiece or earphone that covers both ears. These are illegal to use while driving.

Q: Best Noise Cancelling Headset For Truck Drivers

Concernant the headset that cancels the noise perfectly for truck drivers, the VXi B450-XT blue parrot (check the price on Amazon)is the best choice for you.

The B250-XTS Blue parrot comes in second place after VXi B450-XT blue parrot.

Q: Do Noise Canceling Headphones Protect Your Hearing?

Noise-cancelling headphones do not protect the audience, but it depends mainly on the situation you are in.

Negatives will be effective in most cases and in others, and will provide a protective measure. Active noise cancellation headphones will work well in some cases and in some cases they won’t work at all.

Cancel negative noise such as soundproofing. Like soundproofing, the material is used to physically block sound. These types of headphones are on the heavier side and can cause some discomfort if worn for long periods of time.


Don’t go off and buy the first Bluetooth headset to come through just because it’s cheap or beautiful.

You may not have thought of it before, but not all Bluetooth headphones are equal. In addition, not everyone will be able to meet the needs and demands of truckers.

Instead of focusing on looks and other unrelated features, you should aim to find the best Bluetooth headset for truckers:

You need something comfortable enough to wear for long periods, with a safe but customizable fit.

Most importantly, you want to have a reliable battery and a microphone that eliminates noise. Otherwise, you won’t have much luck getting calls while inside the cab is not too quiet of your truck.

All the headphones I’ve seen today fit perfectly with the bill, be it design or performance-wise, although the VXi B450-XT Trucker has a slight advantage over the rest. Now it’s up to you to know which one fits your style and needs the best.


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