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Best Guide To Know What is a Straight Truck?

what is a straight truck

Reading this article will help you to know what is a straight truck, and the benefits of driving a straight truck, as well as the average salary of this job in different states and cities in the United States.

Have you ever heard about what is a straight truck, or you know put you want to go deep in detail?

Read this is article to know many things about straight trucks.

What is a Straight Truck?

A straight truck is a truck that looks like a tractor truck, but it differs that you can’t remove the trailer from the truck’s back being a truck with a single frame.

These trucks are used for moving many things including furniture, boxes, washers, housing supplies, refrigerators, and dryers.

However, these trucks are used commonly when someone wants to move from one house to another.

The straight truck has a door resembles that of a garage’s one, sliding up from the bottom.

It can hold up an average of 33,000 pounds, but this varies between each truck as not all straight trucks are made the same.

There are even other straight trucks that have a detachable box that can be removed from the back of the truck. 

These types of trucks are a great solution for:

  • FTL shipping.
  • LTL shipping.
  • Home moving.
  • Regular delivery of goods to trade points.
  • Dedicated and Expedited shipping.

How Long is a Straight Truck?

Straight trucks exist in many sizes and lengths depending on the brand and make of the vehicle.

The average size of a straight truck can be from 10 to 26 feet long in length.

Talking about the height, it is approximately 6 to 8 feet depending on the model and the make on the vehicle.

What Type of Vehicles Considered Being Straight Trucks?

There are many different types of vehicles that could be considered a straight truck.

 The types include:

  • Most UHAUL’s.
  • Some dumpster trucks.
  • Pickup trucks with boxed areas and freight exceeding the amount of 10,001 lbs.
  • Moving trucks and other types.

What are Differences Between a Straight Truck and a Tractor Truck?

If you are a driver who drives a tractor you will haul trailers back and forth from destinations.

You will also be able to remove the tractor from the back of the truck and attach other tractor trailers instead.

On the other hand, if you are driving a straight truck, there will be no trailer hooked to the back that is able to be removed, but it carries a box that is attached to the truck.

What are The Benefits of Driving a Straight Truck?

Driving a straight truck offers you many benefits that you may not find in other types of trucking jobs.

Here are some of them:

1. Being Home Daily

One of the most important benefits to drive a straight truck is that you will be home every day.

This will be great or if you have a family, you may not want to be on the road for days or weeks at a time.

For you to know, drive working in other types of trucking such as long-haul drivers stay out on the road from 2-4 weeks at a time.

2. No Required Class A CDL

Many trucking jobs require a Class A CDL, but a straight truck job is different.

Depending on the truck and the job, you may not even need a CDL. And there are many jobs that only need a Class B CDL.

 3. Customer Interaction

Long-haul truckers may enjoy freedom on the open road, but the lifestyle makes you feel isolated.

They enjoy independence on the road, but they also interact with customers, terminal workers, and businesses throughout the day.

For some of us, this may not sound great but you might be surprised how many drivers like to interface with the public each day.

4. Employee Benefits

The drivers get some benefits, this includes medical insurance and 401(k). Some employers offer additional perks, such as bonuses for safe driving.

Do You Need a CDL to When Driving a Straight Truck?

The CDL requirements for a straight truck are based on the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which can change from the truck to another

Straight trucks with a GVWR of fewer than 26,000 pounds do not require a driver with CDL to drive them.

How Much Does a Straight Truck Driver Make?

I am sure that you want to know the average salary for a straight truck driver. Actually it depends on the place and the state you are working in.

According to ZipRecruiter, here is a list of the average pay for a straight truck driver according to the state:

  • California: if you are working in California, your average salary will be $17.70 per hour or $36,806 per year.
  • Virginia: straight truck driver in Virginia receives an average salary of $17.62 per hour or $36,642 per year.
  • Kentucky: Kentucky drivers are paid an average salary of $17.26 per hour, or $35,905 per year.
  • South Dakota: $17.22 per hour or $35,820 per year is the average salary for a person driving a straight truck and working in South Dakota.

Talking about cities, here is also the average salary that a driver makes there:

  • Charlotte, NC: the driver gets an average of $16 per hour.
  • Austin, TX: employees working as straight truckers receive an average salary of $17-$19 per hour.
  • Aurora, CO: $15-$17 per hour is the average salary for straight truck drivers.
  • Union City, CA: employers pay an average of $1,500 per week.
  • Patterson, CA: if you working there, you will get an average of $18-$21 per hour.
  • Oaks, PA: the annual salary for straight truck drivers is $44,000-$52,000 per year.

According to ZipRecruiter, a straight truck driver in the United States makes around $37,455 per year.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a straight truck driver can make up to $50,000 per year.

All these numbers are based on statistical data within the company and regional drivers.

Independent contractors and owner operators receive much more due to wider cargo and route options.

The minimum that a straight truck driver receives is about $26,000 but can get up to $53,500 with hard work and credibility.

It says the job market in this industry is very active, the thing that indicates that there are plenty of jobs and growth will continue.

How Much Does a Straight Truck Owner Operator Make?

Being a straight truck owner operator is challenging, but profitable. When having a truck that can transport any cargo, you have the opportunity to establish a good career.

You will make an average salary of $132,457 per year, or $11,038 per month, in another word, $2,547 per week according to ZipRecruiter.

After you know what is a straight truck and other information about it, do you think that a straight truck driver is the trucking position that better suits you?

If you are convinced with the job description, benefits, and the salary you will be receiving, then it is time to search for a company that offers a vacancy for a straight truck driver.

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